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Idea Bucket

  • Ellie Super Hero Puzzel Game
    • Collect things and put them in different areas of the map
    • Processing an item unlocks another item
    • Skills: Location awareness, resource management, collectability
  • Time Game
    • Time game with hours, minutes, seconds with analog and digital clocks
  • Money Game
    • Game with dollars and cents
  • ASO Tool
    • Enhance the KW system
  • Cube Game
    • Re-write. Voxel based game for kids
  • Flyt Path
    • Implement sliding menu
    • html formatting
    • Waiting for S3 content update
  • Texas Hold'em for Chromecast
    • on hold for now
  • Block building game
    • Start with 1 block - pan to rotate - tap block to add new blocks to the face of the block tapped
  • Unity Editor plugin to quick load Scene's and Assets
    • Sell on Unity Asset Store
    • This already exsists: ReUniter
  • Counter for Chromecast - iOS client
    • Generic counting app
  • Blackjack for Chromecast
    • Blackjack game for Chromecast
  • Countdown for Chromecast - iOS client
    • Count down to a specific date
  • Loop for Chromecast
    • loops youtube videos
  • 24 & More LLC
    • Waiting for funding and business plan
  • Flyt Path
    • Waiting on final design
  • Promo Code Spider
    • Create spider to crawl web for promo codes
  • Event Hosting Service
    • Make it easy for organizations to collect registrations and facilitate an event
  • SMS Bot
    • Use SMS as command line tool and integrate with lots of APIs (Trello, GitHub, Jira, Basecamp)
  • App Icon Generation Website
  • Stop watch for Chromecast
    • Start/Stop/Lap stopwatch for Chromecast
  • Which Font
    • Web App that asks questions to help you pick one or more fonts to use
  • HTML Keyboard for iOS
    • Easy to use HTML keyboard for iOS
  • Rattle - Infant rattle
    • Rattle for iOS
  • Stack Counting
    • Sprite Kit game with physics and counting.
    • Writing in Swift
    • Having trouble scaling nodes correctly.
  • The Budget
    • Text based budgeting game teaching the cost/benifit of debt, investing, retirement, ect
  • Lat/Long map
    • Web app to get lat/long for a location (google maps)
  • Automated Birthday Giftcard Distribution
    • $5, $10, $20, $25, $50, $100
    • Yearly autorenew
  • Chromecast Falling Game


Woodworking Projects



Tools I want

  • vice
  • Jointer
  • Domino/Biscut Joiner

Stuff To Buy > $1,000

  • More Solar Panels
  • New A/C
  • Fix Balcony Door
  • Stairs for Balcony
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Can Lighting Downstairs
  • Track Lighting Upstairs